Sites We Like


STARFALL: Learn to Read

STARFALL: It’s Fun to Read!

STARFALL: I’m Reading!

PBS KIDS: Sesame Street Elmo

PBS KIDS: Curious George

PBS KIDS: Between the Lions

GIRAFFIAN: Shapes and Colors

LITERACY CENTER: Letters, Shapes, Words, Numbers, Colors, Keyboard

KINDERWEB: Animals, Letters, Numbers, Money, and More

SADLIER-OXFORD: Match the Pictures (sun, moon, stars, and comets)

SADLIER-OXFORD: Match the Pictures (colorful bugs)

SADLIER-OXFORD: Match the Pictures (fruits)

SADLIER-OXFORD: Match Upper & Lower Case Letters


3 thoughts on “Sites We Like

  1. I loved looking at your list of technology resources. I bookmarked most of them for use in my prekindergarten classroom. How do you use these sites? Are they for whole group, small group, individual students at school, or students at home? I would just like to get some ideas of how you use them, so I may use them in similar ways.

    • Ashley, the sites can be used in any of the ways you listed, depending on your students. I actually set up this site for a PreK teacher at one of the schools I worked with. Since I’m a librarian now, I haven’t been putting the time in to maintain it, but at least it’s a start đŸ™‚

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